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Jonathan Clint White  12/21/18


Great Christian Romance Novel! 


For you romantics at heart, looking for a wholesome romance novel-look no more! Dealmonie Madigan is a positively delightful read. I laughed, I cried and when the book was over, I yearned for more...but don't fret. Onteaka Scott heard the prayers of her readers and wrote another exceptional book with, With Love As our Guide.





Shawiishi White  1/24/19



Dealmonie Madigan was such a great and wholesome love story. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters.

With Love As Our Guide
ad romance, humor and mystery all rolled up in one. A true page turner and the ending didn't disappoint.








Nell Johnson

"DeAlmonie Madigan was such a breath of fresh air to the otherwise dull, literary world. The characters were as clear in my minds eye, as if the scenes had been played out in front of me. With Love As Our Guide did not fail to entertain, either. This sequel had everything! While it introduced new characters to fall in love with, it did not fail to excite and to intrigue. These novels are what Christian romance is truly about."



 Faye Howard

"When reading DeAlmonie Madigan, a novel by Onteaka Crayton-Scott, I gained a new respect for romantic novels. The fact that this is a Christian romance makes this novel especially unique. The vivid characters and the step by step sequence of events capitivated my attention and held me hostage to the end of the story. I recommend this story to young people who have a love for romance and happy endings."

Monica Bell

"Personally, the book is great! I haven't read the whole book yet, but the chapters that I have read are very touching." 



R. Johnson

"One day I happened to see a flyer in a Christian bookstore which advertised that an author would be in town the following Saturday, so I went on a lark. What I found, was a total jewel!! As I read this entralling piece, I found myself being placed alongside of its characters cheering them on and booing the villians. It was an experience that I've never had until now. I highly recommend this sensational novel to any romantic out there. It is loaded with enough faith to make anyone fall in love with this delightful book. The author also came across as honest and sincere as we chatted. I felt like I had seen a long-time friend and not someone I hardly knew. In a word-the author and the book were GENIUNE."



Anjanette Boatwright

"After carefully reading this book, DeAlmonie Madigan, I was truly stunned. I never thought that such literature could be published for the modern day men and women. Young men and women are out of hand today because we as parents fail to go back to the basics. That is why we have parents at age twelve and grandparents at age thirty. This book serves as a reminder of God's WILL and that there is still hope for our youth of today. Thanks Mrs. O. Crayton-Scott for showing us how to capture a relationship with God, our parents (especially with  daddy involved) and our boyfriend/girlfriend without displeasing the FATHER in heaven. Job well-done! Anxiously awaiting for the sequel! Two thumbs way up! May God continue to bless you and your family."