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DeAlmonie Madigan started it all when it was published in May 2002.  It received an N.A.A.C.P. award in Arts and Letters for literary excellence. Since it was my debut novel, mere words can not describe how excited and how extremely humble I feel by having such an honor bestowed upon me.

It is the tale of a beautiful, naive, young, Christian woman whose ambition is to become a fashion-designer. Her talent and tenacity will carry her far, but will it be far enough to survive in the vicious world of the fashion industry? How far is she willing to go to attain her lifelong dream? Will she find that the cost of fame is higher than she ever dreamed; or is she willing to make a deal with the devil to succeed at any cost? Find out for yourself as you climb the ruthless, high-fashion ladder with DeAlmonie.

DeAlmonie Madigan is the freshest face in Christian romance today. You'll find her story compelling, dramatic, spiritually-uplifting, Christ-centered and even surprising. She'll leave you asking why and wanting more! DeAlmonie will give you a glimpse into a modern, Christian family where dysfunction is not an option. This is a book about relationships and how people deal with them, but more important, it's about your relationship with Christ.   



ISBN#0-595-21702-8  $18.95  Paperback