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Book Two - The love story continues!


Published in September 2007, With Love As Our Guide is the sequel to DeAlmonie Madigan. It is the journey in which the family dynamics of a modern, Christian family are explored. Christians like everyone else aren't perfect, they're simply forgiven. This book illustrates how they cope with daily living and a secret that threatens to rock their very foundation to the core.

This story also chronicles the tale of two very attactive and highly successful people who marry and raise a family. Their closely-knit, colorful family members are always there when needed to lend a helping hand. When tragedy grips Maxx Winston like a fist, DeAlmonie will truly need her entire family to come to her rescue in more ways than one. Will she crumble in the wake of adversity or remember that God's strength is all that she'll ever need?

ISBN#978-0-595-45888-2  $15.95 Paperback

ISBN#978-0-595-69830-1  $25.95 Hardback